IDF Intelligent Darkening Filter.

With the VISION® IDF Reloaded starts a complete new view on automatic welding helmets. VISION® IDF the first welding helmet with IDF Intelligent Darkening Filter. In this filter a combination of Hardware and Software create a new welding experience. Next to a good recognition of colors there are the following modes of operation:

  • Mode 1: DIN 4/5-9 fully automatic depending on the intensity of the arc

  • Mode 2: DIN 4/9-13 fully automatic depending on the intensity of the arc

  • Both modes with the option of manual adjustment of +/- 1 shade. Additional modes by Key Code for surcharge:

  • Mode 3: DIN 4/9-13 manual setting per 0,5 DIN shade

  • Mode 4: iTIG-Puls-Mode: for pulse welding (or up-slope/down slope) enabling the welder to set 2 shades (high and low) so the filter can automatically change between the 2 shades when the welder adjusts amperage.

  • The filter has a large internal LCD viewing the settings of:
    shade adjustment, the sensitivity, delay (dark/clear) and grinding.

  • The battery is exchangeable. The VISION® IDF Reloaded allows TIG welding from 5 amps. on and also stick electrodes and MIG welding. The filter also memorize the last 9 settings of the welder per shade. Make yours the performances of the VISION® IDF Reloaded.